Our short hikes with donkeys in the Loire Valley

Your children will be 200 % delighted !

As young as 2 or 3 years old, children can experience the joy of a family hike... No particular knowledge required, just be happy to walk along with a really kind animal that loves hugs. Donkeys are a great way to get children to like hiking.


Intelligent, affectionate, curious, mischievous and food lovers ... our donkeys are sure to win over everyone in the family: children ages 2 to 6 will be delighted to do some 'donkey-back' riding, the older children will 'lead' their donkey proudly while parents and grandparents look on attentively!! The kilometers fly by with a smile!!


Each of our donkeys has his own specific personality (just like your children!!) so don't forget to show him who's boss? Before leaving, you'll be given advice and tips about how to hike with your donkey and your itinerary will be explained to you!


Our hikes are open to all and suitable for families with young children. Your donkey will carry your picnic or snacks so you can hike freely. But remember not to overload him: the maximum weight is 25 kilos (55 lbs).


Want to come get a breath of fresh air and amble along at a leisurely pace with one of our adorable companions? Choose the trip that suits you best from the list below!

Family nature get-aways

"Les ânes de Madame" welcome you from mid-April to mid-October

Booking required

+ 33 (0) 6 84 25 71 69

 "Meet our long eared friends "

2 hours - Hike in a group

Walk deep in the forest in Cheverny.


Level : Easy  - 5 km (3 miles) loop round trip

A short walk to get to know your donkey.


With a brush in hand, you begin by lightly brushing your donkey,to get know each other and begin to gain his confidence. Then, your donkey will take you on little forest trails to get a big breath of fresh air!

Children from 2 years of age.

Price : 30€ / donkey

"Lunch on the grass" or "Afternoon snack in the forest"

 1/2 day


Share a delightful moment with family as you get to know your donkey during a country stroll. Enjoy a picnic or snack in the great outdoors,(bring your picnic and/or snack). Half day trip 6 to 8 km loop (3 to 4 miles):


"Call of the wild" - a shaded hike on pretty paths in the depths of the Forest domain in Cheverny.


> "From the chicken to the donkey"! A stroll for food lovers to the St Michel biscuit bakery and it's delicious shortcake biscuits and madeleines ..


You can even stock up on goodies from the St. Michel workshop and fill the big saddle bags on your donkey's back with treats!!

Level : Easy

hese hikes are open to all Strollers/buggies can be brought on the hike, depending on the season.


Practical information :

> Départure every 30 minutes from 10 a.m. for the picnic hikes

> Départure every 30 minutes from 2 p.m. for the afternoon snack hikes

Price   : 45 €/ donkey - From 2 donkeys, 40 euros / donkey

Days hikes


Ulysse the food fan, Justine the sweet one, Noisette the affectionate one and all their friends are waiting for you for a day hike in the heart of the Loire Valley. Fun and lovable companions will help you to rediscover the pleasure of walking, alone, with family or friends, you can choose from the following:


Choose your hike from a 8 to 15 km loop (4 to 9 miles):


 > "On the stags and does trail "

 A hike to discover the "kings and queens" of the forests in Sologne.


 > "Earth and vines"

" Food and wine tour to discover AOC Cheverny and Cour-Cheverny. You'll stop at the Domaine de Montcy (organic vineyard) for a break and some fun for all ages with the game "Mystery of the golden bunch of grapes".


 > "L'atelier St Michel".

 A hike to discover an ecologically responsible company in the Cher Valley.

From nature to industry is the theme of this trip. Visit the workshop to see how the shortbread biscuits and madeleines are made (booking necessary). To be enjoyed without restraint!

Have a look around the shop and treat yourself to some goodies .. our donkey's saddle bags are huuuuuge!!!

Opening hours at the Atelier St. Michel in Contres are here.

Level : Medium

These hikes are suitable for children from 4 years of age.


Price :  55 € / donkey

From 2 donkeys : 50 euros / donkey

Please book you hike online (soon translated in English):

Les randonneurs partagent

Les Ânes de Madame

Sabrina Clamens

Chemin de l'Oudrière - 41700 Contres (Le controis en Sologne)

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